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At Incomaker, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our partners play a pivotal role in our mission to revolutionize the industry with cutting-edge solutions.

Together, we share a vision, passion, and commitment to drive innovation and deliver unparalleled value to our users. 

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Milan Tříska

Milan Tříska

INT, s.r.o

Passionate about translating global digital trends to the Czech context, INT has been a stalwart in the digital marketing industry for over 20 years.

They specialize in assisting businesses, even those with limited budgets and common products, in achieving higher turnovers. Their approach is not about expensive campaigns but rather about patient communication in the right circles. They believe that well-targeted advertising should be seen as useful information rather than an annoying ad.

The team, led by Milan Tříska, focuses on various areas of digital marketing, including social media, PPC, and e-mailing. Their commitment is to help businesses find and convince their customers through effective and efficient marketing strategies.

Tomáš Gřešek

Tomáš Gřešek

EDUWAY s.r.o.

Tomáš believes in the power of introspection and the need for change. His values of freedom and customer service led him to venture into consultancy, sharing his managerial and entrepreneurial expertise. In 2008, alongside his wife, he founded EDUWAY, focusing on personal and business development. Tomáš has created innovative educational methods and projects, mentored leading educational agencies, and established the successful coworking center, LoveCoWork, with his daughter.

With a technical background, he pioneered online educational projects in 2008 and sees immense potential in online marketing.

Currently, he serves as a Business Mentor for business development in the Moravian-Silesian region and supports business development in Opava as a board member of the Opava District Chamber of Commerce.

Petr Věříš

Petr Věříš


With over five years of experience in marketing, Petr has been involved in numerous marketing campaigns. While some campaigns were successful, others also provided valuable learning experiences.

These experiences have shaped his expertise in the field. Petr actively shares his knowledge and insights on LinkedIn, showcasing his proficiency and offering valuable content to his network.

He believes in staying connected and is always open to collaboration when the time is right.

Jakub Čižmář

Jakub Čižmář


A dedicated e-mail marketing expert, Jakub has been navigating the world of internet marketing for over a decade. Since 2012, he has specialized exclusively in e-mail communications, catering to small, medium, and large clients.

Jakub's approach to e-mail marketing is unique, focusing on creating engaging content that not only entertains but also drives sales. He has successfully assisted numerous projects and has received accolades from clients for his innovative strategies and effective e-mail campaigns.

Beyond just e-mail marketing, Jakub offers consultations, audits, communication strategies, and training, ensuring businesses maximize their e-mail marketing potential.

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